Our Culture

Our vision is to be “the world’s favorite umbrella”. This means that J.Calli works hard towards better quality and customer services to our customers. We are also a diverse group of people, striving to meet different market demands.

Our Values


J.Calli employees are committed to continuous improvement, and always find innovative ways to make our company better.
Integrity-Integrity matters

At J.Calli, integrity is our top priority. We all must act with integrity and honesty in all matters,doing what is right for our customers, ourselves and J.Calli.We all must also follow the law, comply with the code of conduct, and be accountable for our actions.

J.Calli values the help of employees who identify concerns and potential problems that the company needs to address. All concerns must be raised with honestly, this means that the information provided is accurate.
It is each employee’s responsibility to speak up about problems that arises. When employees speak up, we can then work together to ensure that the problem is settled as soon as possible.

Customer Service

J. Calli strives to ensure every product sold is committed to customer safety, quality and performance required by customers and represents good value for money.
Teamwork-We are united as “one”

At J.Calli, we work together as one. This means that when needed, we all take on different responsibilities outside of our daily task and work descriptions.

We share our knowledge and experiences, seek input from one anothers, and accept and give feedback constructively.

We also take the opportunity to get to know and interact with people across the business.

Social and Environmental Compliance

J. Calli is also committed to social and environmental compliance and had passed through both social and technical factory audit by recognized laboratories.

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